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  • The Blazer

    Today we want to talk about a very popular piece of clothing, both in the world of high fashion and in everyday life: the blazer. Are you sure you know its history? Read the article to find out more!

  • Chroma: which colour suits you best?

    Perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that there is an ideal colour palette for every person, which is not only derived from the choice of clot...
  • Genderless: because it is the style of the future

    Today I want to talk to you about why my fashion style is defined as genderless and why this will be the most successful in the future. How much is it linked to social changes? What is the bond between fashion and society?
  • Fashion and music: an unbreakable bond

    The inextricable relationship between fashion and music is one of the most fascinating elements of contemporary history.Jon Batiste wrote: 'People ...