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The Blazer

Today we want to talk about a very appreciated item of clothing, both in the world of high fashion and in everyday life: the blazer.

It has distinguished itself over the years for its great ductility, elegant and comfortable, it is perfect for any occasion, from gala dinners to aperitifs with friends.
But you know his story? If the answer is no, you are in the right place! In this article we are going to go deeper into the blazer. Are you ready Come on!!

Blazer: its history

The history of the blazer starts from far away, according to many testimonies it was born in 1837 when the Captain Blazers , from the ship HMS , made the unusual decision to dress his crew in elegant double-breasted jackets covered with brass buttons.

According to other testimonies, however, his birth is to be blamed on Cambridge , place where they wore this fashion i“Red Blazes”.
Whatever its birth, which assumes legendary traits as often happens in fashion garments, we know for sure who was the first to value it:Giorgio Armani.

In 1975 the latter took care of dressingRichard Gere in the famous movie“Gigolo”, and to do so he made use of the fantastic blazer which from that moment became a cult.
From then on, the garment assumed ever greater importance until, starting from the 2000s, it also enters rightfully into most women's wardrobes .

A garment without sex, without age and without any a priori prejudice which has experienced exponential growth and which is destined to dress men and women from all over the world for many more years to come.


The blazer today

We have therefore seen the legendary stories concerning its birth and its expansion, but what does the blazer represent today?
The beauty of this piece of clothing lies in its ability to adapt.

Trends change, colors change and beauty standards change but the famous jacket always manages to amaze us varying as fashion changes.
In particular, in this period in which gender liquidity has assumed increasingly important connotations, the blazer fits perfectly with original details, such as buttons, which can change in appearance, shape and color in order to make more current the entire garment.

I also decided to create two very particular ones which you can find by clicking on the following links:



The right combinations of the blazer

Each piece of clothing usually has a right match, e the blazer is no exception .
But as you could understand by now, leafing through my catalog and legends my blog, I don't like to enclose beauty in predefined categories .

Fashion must be expression of one's creativity and personality , and consequently you will not find in this article any aseptic advice on how to wear your blazer.

The only advice I can give you is to indulge yourself, because this garment can surprise!

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