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The Beanie Hat

Speaking of hats, we cannot fail to mention the famous beanie, a veritable institution in the world of fashion that has made a name for itself thanks to its simplicity and versatility. Habit would lead one to consider it an easy garment, the classic everyday wear. It is precisely this characteristic that makes it an interesting accessory, as it allows you to experiment with different combinations and focus on details. But it's not just an everyday item, it has many qualities that make it rightfully part of almost everyone's wardrobe. So are you ready to dive into the world of the beanie? Let's go! THE ORIGIN OF THE NAME The beanie is characterised by its distinctive shape, knitted and without a parasol. It is also known as a fisherman's hat and is known by many as such. For those who know a little English, the translation of beanie is very simple, it literally means "little bean", but theories abound as to why it is called beanie, becoming urban legends. According to some, the name derives from the fact that it is fastened on the head, which is reminiscent of a bean, but this does not seem to be the most accredited theory. In fact, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "Bean" in common slang is used with the meaning of "head", and consequently the famous cap would have partly absorbed its meaning for its obvious use. Whatever the truth about the genesis of the name I continue to listen to every theory, fantasizing in search of the most bizarre. beanie beanie THE REASON FOR ITS SUCCESS Warm, comfortable, versatile and simple, 4 adjectives would be enough to identify the reasons for the success of this beanie, yet it can boast many more. As it is knitted, it is also very practical to use, as it can be folded easily and placed in a pocket or bag. In addition, there are many different types, colours and accessories available, so that you can express your personality without spending a fortune, which is no small thing these days. Everyone has worn at least one in their life, it is one of the most used and loved winter garments, I personally love it so much that I have created my own model that you can find by clicking on this link. HOW TO WEAR IT? Rhetorical question! The beauty of this cap is that you can use it exactly as you see fit, it's too versatile to be confined to a single category. You can personalise it, have fun with the accessories and use it in the colour you prefer, you just have to decide what to wear it with according to the type of occasion. Need elegance? Coat and beanie. Need comfort? Down jacket and beanie. Want to feel intellectual? Glasses and beanie. Want to go swimming? Swimming costume and bea... ah no, I got carried away by its pliability! And you, how many do you have in your wardrobe?

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