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Ivan Della Mora

My name is Ivan Della Mora and I was born in Udine, in a city where art and nature coexist, giving a sense of beauty to those who know how to find it. Two great passions have always accompanied me: music and fashion. Their bond fascinates me to the point of leading me to the conservatory graduation, as well as the in-depth study of the world of fashion.

The curiosity and the desire to know more and more about what surrounds me have fueled my third passion, which is to travel. That's why I graduated in foreign languages and literatures, in order to communicate more easily and deepen cultures different from mine. I worked for many years in a multinational fashion company, thus refining my knowledge in this field and allowing me to keep up with new trends. Every passion and every experience have forged my way of being, and consequently also my idea of fashion, which is based on defined and consistent cornerstones with myself. From here came the creation of a miscellaneous collection of garments, sometimes without gender.

The garments move sinuously on the body like notes on a pentagram, creating unique chords. Colors, shapes and inspirations create the concept, at times oriental and minimal but always with a fixed point on the detail. You have to have the courage to dare, with grace and elegance, fully expressing your personality. Each garment aims to clear the gender stereotype, the tastes of men and women can intersect, without ever stepping on each other. Elegance and comfort, apparent enemies for years, now not only coexist but enhance each other, creating an unbeatable combination. I love fashion, I love beauty, I love what is linear, I love minimal and everything that can clear all forms of stereotypes.