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Tweed: history of a genderless fabric

In this article we are going to talk about why we think tweed fabric is really interesting. We'll look at who made it famous and why it's become more relevant than ever.


Mademoiselle Coco Chanel's motto "Fashion passes, style remains" is one that everyone will have heard or read at least once. Founded in 1909, the famous Maison Chanel opened its first shop in Paris and, with time, became one of the most well-known and prestigious brands in the fashion world.

The CC style is most famous for replacing sumptuous and sometimes excessive women's dresses with simpler, more comfortable designs. For the first time in the fashion world, women were equated with men. Thanks to this pretext, tweed (a type of woollen fabric and originally from Scotland), a fabric indicated as purely masculine, is transformed into feminine. Chanel made it soft and elegant, and it was the innovations introduced by Karl Lagerfeld that made it even more unique.

The designer paints it fuchsia, embellishes it with glitter, fringes and tulle, transforms it into a hip hop style and more. So, if the fabric was created for men, why has it only been used by women until now?

That's where the inspiration came from to create men's clothes with this fabric, tweed. Elegant but at the same time unusual, evergreen and wearable all year round, tweed is ready to clear all kinds of genders, just like my philosophy says. 

The perfect suit outift? Wear it with a white trainer and you're sure to be the centre of attention!

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