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Fashion and music: an unbreakable bond

The inextricable relationship between fashion and music is one of the most fascinating elements of contemporary history.

Jon Batiste wrote: 'People see you before they hear you, and when they look at you, something must already be ringing in their heads'.

Having a strong image can help bands and artists stand out from the crowd, channel a certain kind of message and go hand in hand with the music on offer.

Legendary artists all have a unique and hyper-recognisable image (Prince's white or purple suits - that's the image that forms in your head when you think of him) which has helped them to be iconic.

On the other hand, even music listeners have a spontaneous and natural inclination to dress in the style of what they like to listen to.

The desire to conform with those who share our passions and interests is part of our DNA.

The relationship between fashion and music has become increasingly strong in recent years. Let's not forget Lady Gaga's provocative dress by designer Nicola Formichetti.

Fashion and music

But although the millennium has introduced new trends and innovations, we have started to look more and more stubbornly to the past, bringing back fashions and trends from various years in a cyclical fashion.

Music is constantly evolving, and so is fashion. The two things will continue to move forward together, sometimes on parallel tracks, in a totally unrelated if not antithetic way, other times crossing over, enhancing one another's characteristics. What is certain is that both are able to give emotions that strike deep.

Both are able, brick by brick, to build our identity. There is no one without the other, not even when they live together with discord.

And when they complete each other, like perfect missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, they lift each other up, showing us that, despite everything, there is still beauty in our world.

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